This is How to Create a Beautiful All-White Interior

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This the gorgeous home of , who is behind the aptly named IG account VittVittVitt, meaning ‘white white white’. The Swede definitely knows how to pull off the all-white look. She created an interior that feels fresh, bright and elegant. Even the kids rooms are white, with just a hint of color. And yet, it is far from bland!

White is said to be timeless and versatile, making it a great choice for a stylish decor scheme. It gives a serene vibe to any room, and it evokes purity and cleanliness. It also offers the perfect backdrop for statement design pieces and beautiful views.

The secret to master a white-on-white look? It’s all about layers!

  1. Colors: Combine shades of white, but pick wisely. I recommend to stick to a wall color with a warm undertone to avoid looking too sterile or cold, and build up your palette from there.
  2. Finishes: Mix finishes, from mat to glossy, to add delicate contrast.
  3. Textures: Choose a variety of fabrics and patterns for visual interest and a softer, nuanced look.



Additional tips for an all-white look: It helps to have lots of natural light flowing in, and wooden accents will also warm up the space. You can also add a touch of color in subtle ways, just like Malin did: An occasional throw or decorative pillows, green plants, flowers or a budding branch, a tinted glass vase, brass, copper or bronze accents, a pretty dress or pair of shoes left out of the closet, etc. She also introduced a pop of green with vintage, velvet-upholstered chairs – See below.



These pics were first spotted on . Thanks to Niki for featuring Malin Nilsson’s beautiful home – A great find!





  1. Joanne
    4 Jun 2019 / 12:44 pm

    I love love love white but this goes too far. It looks sterile and unlived in except for the scruffy beds! I realize some people love this look but you asked for my comment.

  2. Greta Spralding
    5 Jun 2019 / 4:57 am

    JOANNE thinks this post is for her.

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